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FN Marktrapporten is een service voor de betalende abonnees van Fondsnieuws. De dienst geeft toegang tot de database met research van meer dan 45 asset managers. Dagelijks wordt vroeg in de ochtend in een aparte e-mail een overzicht toegestuurd van alle nieuwe researchrapporten. Deze e-mail dienst heet de Morning Call.

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Despite a stellar start to the year, global equity markets ended the first quarter with negative returns. Global markets stumbled heading into February, when stronger than anticipated wage growth in the U.S. caused bond yields to move upwards. Equity markets fell, as investors seemed concerned that rates might rise faster than the economy could stand.

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In the past, discussions on carbon risk would typically involve scientific arguments regarding climate change and whether existing evidence supported market participant action for carbon - awareness investing.

T. Rowe Price

Traditionally investors have assumed that stocks and bonds are not highly correlated in their performance, tending to move in opposite directions. In reality, this is not always the case.

At times, this means that simply combining stocks with government o r other high - quality bonds may not actually offer much benefit of diversification in your clients’ portfolios.