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FN Marktrapporten is een service voor de betalende abonnees van Fondsnieuws. De dienst geeft toegang tot de database met research van meer dan 45 asset managers. Dagelijks wordt vroeg in de ochtend in een aparte e-mail een overzicht toegestuurd van alle nieuwe researchrapporten. Deze e-mail dienst heet de Morning Call.

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The recovery in global activity remains intact while inflation appears to have peaked following the stabilisation in energy costs. We continue to forecast global growth at 3.0% this year after 2.6% in 2016, but have trimmed our inflation forecast to 2.3% from 2.4%.


Long-time GMO clients have become accustomed to a certain kind of behavior from our asset allocation portfolios. If they are reading stories about how well an asset class has been doing, chances are pretty good that their next account statement will show that we are a seller of that asset (assuming we owned some in the first place).

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Bear in mind that the ECB began implementing unprecedented and unconventional monetary policy initiatives back in 2011, in a bid to curb the deflationary spiral, kicking things off in 2011 by offering banks long- term refinancing operations (LTROs) and later a massive quantitative easing (QE) program in 2015.